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Lemmings GBA Homebrew Game for the EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition Is Puzzle Gaming Fun

Posted on 8th Aug 2021 @ 1:53 AM

The EZ Flash Omega card affords a whole other world of possibilities when it comes to playing games.  What it means is not only getting access to a whole pile of fresh, never before experienced games, but they are likewise all accessible aboslutely free for downloading from the internet.  These games are what developers call homebrew games.

EZ Flash Omega Cartridge

Games that are made by indie developers for game competitions or just as passion projects, and they are then released and made to be downloaded and played free.  While some homebrew games are quick and simple games to play, there are plenty of others that commercial quality.  What I mean is that  they would be full prices commercial games had they been released when the Gameboy Advance was a new system.

People have been creating games at home for decades for computers.  With the EZ-Flash Omega programers now had an affordable path to do the same on the GBA.  Many of the games are unique and some of them are classic games remade for the GBA.  You won't need anything else except your GBA, GBA SP, Gameboy Micro or your DS with the GBA Port and your EZ Flash Omega or EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition ready and waiting to be able to play these games and applications absolutely free.

One of my treasured GBA Homebrew games is the very popular Lemmings GBA.  Created by an EZ Flash Omega owner and amateur coder.  The game is at the same grade of quality with games you can purchase in any game store of the day.  It's this that makes it really extraordinary.


It is because of these homebrew games with quality gameplay and design that people are flocking to the EZ Flash Omega Cards and taking advantage of what it has to offer in terms of homebrew play and likewise, developing your own GBA homebrew games.

This game was originally released for home computers back in the 8-Bit and 16-Bit Amiga and Commodore years.  First for the Amiga 500 and then afterwards it was ported over to the commodore 64 as well as the PC.  Truly one of the best old school classic strategy puzzle games to get brought out back in the days.


In Lemmings, your mission is to get all of the Lemmings to safety by directing them from their cave or cavern and bringing them to the exit.  This is done by way of excavation, blowing things up, climbing, and building bridges or passages.  There are a good bit of tools accessible, and in some super crazy cases, you'll have to sacrifice a Lemming or two as you try to drudge or climb your way to the exit on the screen.

Every level becomes increasingly tougher, with more Lemmings having to be preserved in order to solve a certain stage.  While some of the Lemmings are expendable, most of your Lemmings have to make it out safely - and alive, in order for you to pass on to the succeeding level, which then grows harder to complete.


The game is a mixture of puzzle game - action game, and strategy game, because you have to plan exactly how you'll get by the roadblocks to get your lemmings to the exit - and keeping plenty of them alive and well to guarantee that you progress to the succeeding level.

The EZ Flash Omega edition of Lemmings for the GBA contains every one of the original levels from the very first episode of the game, faithfully remade and recreated as well as the stages from Christmas Lemmings and Oh NO! More Lemmings too.  So grab a cup of glass of your favorite drink and settle in to save some Lemmings!

You can find the GBA Homebrew version of this amazing and fun game in our GBA HOMEBREW section