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EZ Flash Omega Setup

EZ Flash Omega Setup Guide Tutorial

The EZ Flash Omega is the latest update to the EZ-Flash line of GBA flashcarts that is capable of playing GBA, GB, GBC, and NES ROMs.   It replaced the now discontinued EZ-Flash IV and EZ-Flash REFORM flashcarts.  This step by step tutorial will give you all of the setup and usage guides that will show you how to set up the flashcart as well as offering you a guide on how to use the many different features of the EZ-Flash Omega.

Requirements and What You’ll Need:

  • An EZ-Flash Omega flashcart from https://www.ezflashomega.com
  • A Micro SD Card.. You can use any micro SD card up to 128GB in size.
  • Micro SD Card Reader / Writer (included with every EZ Flash Omega from EZFlashOmega.com
  • The Firmware Kernel files for the EZ Flash Omega
  • Cheats library (optional, if you wish to use game cheats)
  • Thumbnails Pack (Optional, if you wish to use the thumbnails for your games)

Select Your EZ Flash Omega Cartridge Case

This step is optional, but something that we wanted to cover here.  Each and every EZ Flash Omega comes with 2 different cartridge cases.  One of the cases is a full-size case that matches and is suited for the Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Advance SP, while the other, smaller case is specifically for those users who wish to use their EZ-Flash Omega in the DS Lite systems and as such, it is made to fit flush into the DS Lite Slot 2 cartridge port.

Changing your EZ Flash case is quick and easy.  To change your case simply follow the steps below:

  1. Place the EZ-Flash Omega face down on a hard surface with the back of the cartridge facing you.
  2. There is just 1 screw holding the case together.  Simply locate the screw on the back of the EZ Flash that holds the back plate and front side together.
  3. Use a small Phillips screwdriver in order to loosen and remove the screw.
  4. Remove the back plate and the EZ Flash Omega circuit board.
  5. If you’re changing it from the GBA size plastic shell to the DS Lite sized shell simply place the EZ Flash Omega Printed Circuit board into the desired shell.
  6. Replace the back plate/shell for the EZ Flash Omega and align it with the front part of the case.  Making sure to make note of the micro SD card slot and ensure it is lined up properly.
  7. Install the small screw on the back of the EZ Flash to secure the front and back of the cartridge cases.

Setting up the Micro SD Card

  1. Use the built-in systems tools to format your micro SD card that you will be using with your EZ FLASH Omega card.  The size of the Micro SD Card will help determine which filesystem you will use to format your card to.  You can also use the official SDCard.org formatting tool.  You can download that from SDCard.org
    Card Size Filesystem Cluster Size
    ≤ 2GB FAT/FAT16 32KB
    ≤ 32GB FAT32 32KB
    ≤ 128GB exFAT 32KB or Larger

2. Once you have formatted your Micro SD Card, you now have to download the EZ Flash Omega kernel firmware files, cheats and thumbnails.  These can be found on our EZ Flash Omega Downloads Page.  You will also need to use WinZip or the free 7Zip unarchiving tool to unarchive the firmware kernel files.

3. You will then need to copy over the firmware kernel files to the Micro SD card.  Your Micro SD Card’s files and folders should look have the files and folders on it, as shown below:

4. Once you have the kernel files on the Micro SD Card, you will now want to drag and drop / copy and paste over all of the files you want to load and play on your card.  You can copy over GBA, GB or NES files right to the micro SD card.  We would suggest that you create a folder for each of the different systems and place your files into the corresponding folder.

5. Now that you have both the kernel files and all of your game files on the Micro SD Card, remove the micro SD Card from the reader / writer and insert the micro SD card into your EZ Flash Omega and plug your EZ Flash Omega into your GBA or DS or DS Lite console.

Update the EZ Flash Omega Firmware Kernel

1. Insert the Micro SD card into the EZ Flash Omega

2. Insert the EZ Flash Omega flashcart into your GBA/NDS/NDS Lite

3. BEFORE turning on your GBA make sure you are holding down the RIGHT trigger button. Also, for good measure, plug your GBA into a secure power source (wall outlet).