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EZ Flash Omega Simple Light Kernel And Theme Available

Posted on 10th Feb 2020 @ 4:50 AM

An avid EZ Flash Omega user, fan and clearly talented gamer, Sterophonick, has created his own kernel and theme called SimplyLight.  This kernel adds a nice clean interface to the EZ Flash Omega and also adds some excellent features and functions.

EZ Flash Omega Custom Kernel


  • Create a folder called SYSTEM.
  • Move the following folders into there.
  • Also copy the PLUG folder in the zip file to the SYSTEM folder.
  • Install the kernel as usual.

What makes this Kernel so great is that there are a lot of plugins already added to it.  This means quick and easy (and native) gameplay for the emulators that are included.  

This package comes with the following plugins:

  • The ModPlayer plugin (.mod)
  • The JPEG plugin (.jpg .jpeg)
  • The BMP plugin (.bmp)
  • SMSAdvance (.sms .gg .sg)
  • ZXAdvance (.z80 .sna)
  • PCEAdvance (.pce)
  • SwanAdvance (.ws .wsc)
  • MSXAdvance (.rom)
  • Wasabi (.sv)
  • NGPAdvance (.ngp .ngc .ngpc)

Note: MSXAdvance comes with the C-BIOS.

The latest updated version of his custom work is Update 2.7 in which he has added the following:

  • Update Goomba Color to 2019.
  • Fix an issue with the cheat.

You can download the SimplyLight by clicking the link below:

Download SimpleLight.zip