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EZ Flash Omega vs EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition

Posted on 12th Aug 2021 @ 4:31 AM

The EZ Flash Omega has been a customer favourite GBA flash cart virtually since its release.  It offers more features and functions than other much more expensive cards.  Today we will be looking at the improved version, the new EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition. The Definitive Edition keep the same core functionality as the original EZ Flash Omega but adds several improvements and extra features.

EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition

Inside the box itself, you’ll find the unit. No manual is included in the box, however, there is an excellent digital version is included with the software and also available online on our EZ Flash Omega User Manual pages.  Also included in the box is a micro SD card reader / writer, to make transfering files and folders to your EZ Flash quick and easy.  Simply plug your micro SD card into the USB reader / writer and use any existing USB port on your PC or MAC to drag and drop your files.

EZ Flash Omega DE Box

Our customers have asked us to do a quick comparison between the EZ Flash Omega and the new EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition.  While this is not an in-depth comparison, it aims to answer some of the most often asked questions.

To start with, both cartridges are the same size as a regular Game Boy Advance game cartridge.  Now, as we know, the EZ Flash Omega also comes with a smaller shell.  This smaller shell allows you to easily swap the PCB out of the large shell and it is included to make the EZ Flash Omega fit perfectly flush in the DS Lite Gameboy Advance game slot.


The EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition however, does not come with this ability.  This is because with the extra features and added functions, the Definitive Edition has a full sized PCB and it is not possible to use a smaller shell.  Don’t let that stop you from using it with the DS Lite because it first like any other GBA game cartridge would.

While it doesn’t come with the smaller shell, with the additional PCB space of the Definitive Edition comes a few additions.  First of all, there is now a built in rumble feature bringing rumble to games that can take advantage of it such as Drill Dozer.  The same rumble features also works with some Gameboy Color games that support rumble.  We also have word from various home-brew developers that there are patches being worked on to add rumble functions to additional games.

Mode A & Mode B

Another new feature is the ability to switch your EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition between Mode A and Mode B.  There is a little switch at the very top right of the cartridge.  If you look, you will notice a tiny physical switch.


This is the MODE switch that allows you to with between Mode A and Mode B.  And here’s what the 2 modes offer.  Mode A boots the card into the regular EZ Flash Operating System like normal, this is where you have access to the full set of features that the EZ Flash has to offer.  And this is where you can also configure how the Mode B will function.


Mode B can be set as either one of three options.  Rumble, RAM or Link.


Rumble allows you to use the EZ Flash Omega just like a DS rumble pack.  This is great for a variety of games that take advantage of the DS Rumble Pack feature. 

RAM mode:

Putting your EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition cartridge into RAM mode will then allow your cartridge to function just as if it were a DS Expansion Pak.  This features adds and additional 8MB of memory and even use the DS Internet Browser.  There are of course home-brew games and apps that also take advantage of the extra memory.

LINK Mode:

The third and final setting that you can use is the LINK option.  This was probably one of the most requested features from customers.  With the EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition set to Link mode, the cartridge will take whatever game is stored on the NOR memory and essentially turn the EZ Flash Omega cartridge into a ‘retail’ game.  With Link mode set, the card is, for all intents and purposes, a flashed game cartridge and will boot the game as if it was a real retail cartridge, bypassing the EZ Flash Omega menu.

This is a great feature because the cartridge will be able to function with devices that have issues booting into homebrew menus etc, but the main draw is, in this mode, you’ll be able to use the link function on a DS between Slot 1 and Slot 2, like transferring Pokemon etc. A very useful feature to have!

There are several other amazing features available with the EZ Flash Omega DE, which we will cover in an upcoming post.  Until then, read on for the full list of features now available.

The EZ Flash Omega DE has all of the features of the EZ Flash Omega and adds additional functions and features.  Below you can see the NEW features which are shown as the NEW updated features as well as the standard features that come with the EZ Flash Omega DE

The NEW Features Available In The EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition:

  • Supports GBA-DS Link Transfer (You can finally bring GBA Pokemon to DS Games!)
  • Support DS Web Browser
  • Using Ferroelectric RAM to keep save, absolutely safe (little to no corruption)
  • Dual working mode
  • Rumble function built in for GBA game and NDS game
  • Support DS RAM Expansion Pack
  • Power Save design (Little to no corruption)
  • Button Battery is fully replaceable (no soldering required, just pop in a new battery)
  • Support 512Mb GBA movie files

Of course, it also has all of the original features and functions of the original EZ Flash Omega as shown below:

  • GBA Files copy and play, no client needed
  • Drag and drop to MicroSD Card.
  • Fast patch engine, instant game load speed, additional manual patch engine to support modified rom
  • Save states
  • GB/GBC/NES game copy and play, compatible based on emulator
  • Cheat
  • Hotkey customizable
  • Real time clock
  • Sleep
  • 256Mb PSRAM suppot all games, instant load
  • 512Mb Norflash, keep your favorite games
  • System on chip level recovery mode, prevent upgrade dead
  • Support FAT32/EXFAT 4GB-128GB SD card
  • Firmware and kernel both are upgradable

Find out more or make a purchase of the new Definitive Edition of the EZ Flash Omega or the original version at the links below:

EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition

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