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Apotris is a Tetris style homebrew game for the EZ Flash Omega and Game Boy Advance

Posted on 15th Jan 2023 @ 8:50 PM

A new Game Boy Advance homebrew version of a Tetris style game, known as Apotris, was released in 2022 and was developed by Indie Developer akouzoukos. It features the classic gameplay of the original Tetris game, in which players must maneuver falling tetrominoes to create horizontal lines without gaps.


The developer states that "Apotris is a block stacking game for the Gameboy Advance! It features satisfying graphics, responsive controls and a large amount of customization so that you can tailor the game to your preferences! There are 11 game-modes to explore, with various options to keep yourself entertained (or challenged). You can even battle your friends using the Gameboy Advance Link Cable in 2-Player Battle."


One of the main features of Apotris is its compatibility with the Game Boy Advance link cable, which allows players to connect with each other and compete head-to-head. The game also includes a variety of modes, and as such offers up a lot of amazing features and game play options.


Apotris includes the following Game-modes:

  • Marathon: Try to get the best score as the game gets faster and faster.
  • SprintClear lines as fast as you can
  • Dig: Dig through lines of garbage
  • UltraGet the best score in a limited time
  • Blitz: The same as ultra but the game gets faster while also boosting your scores
  • ComboAim for the longest consecutive clears in a 4-wide well
  • SurvivalSurvive as long as possible while garbage rises from the bottom
  • Classic: Like marathon but in the same style as older stacking games
  • Master: Also like marathon, but with increased difficulty and unique mechanics
  • 2P Battle: Send garbage to your opponent through a Link Cable by clearing lines
  • Training: Try out new strategies or improve your playing using the included Finesse Trainer

Apotris also includes a feature called "2P Battle" which we like to call "Garbage Mode," not because it isn't any good, but because players can send "garbage" lines to their opponents' screens, making the game more challenging. In addition, the game features a variety of backgrounds and music tracks as well.

The graphics in Apotris are simple but colorful, and the controls are easy to learn, making it a great choice for both casual and hardcore gamers. Overall, Apotris for the Game Boy Advance is a great version of Tetris that offers a lot of replay value and is well-suited for both solo play and competitive multiplayer sessions.

Game Controls:

  • Left/Right - Move falling piece
  • A - Rotate Clockwise
  • B - Rotate Counter-Clockwise
  • Down - Soft drop
  • Up - Hard drop
  • L/R - Hold piece
  • Start - Pause
  • You can rebind any of these controls in the settings!

There is a physical version of the cartridge available when it is in stock, as it seems runs are limited.  However, you can buy the digital .GBA rom file and use it on the EZ Flash Omega or EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition (which enables the rumble features).  The great thing is that it is a name your own price game.  While you can download it for free, it is always a good idea to support the work of developers that bring these amazing homebrew games to our favorite handheld so many years after the system was released.

You can download Apotris from itch.io