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GBA Homebrew game SubQuest The Search for the Virtual Pet

Posted on 8th Oct 2022 @ 4:30 PM

2022 is definitely the year for GBA Homebrew.  More and more amazing homebrew games have been released for the Gameboy Advance system.  And with the EZ Flash Omega or EZ Flash Omega Definitive Edition, you can play these amazing GBA Homebrew titles right on the actual hardware they were designed to be played on. 

subquest gba homebrew game  Subquest Game Boy Game

We like emulation as much as any gamer, but there is nothing like holding the original console in your hand and playing a brand new game that has just been released.

SubQuest - The Search for the Virtual Pet is an RPG game for the Game Boy Advance, and is the 1.5th Quest game.  The story of the game goes something like this:

In December 2036, someone named Ethan Cecil realizes that his Virtual Pet has gone missing and begins searching across the Light Region in order to find it, but as the search goes on he finds out about a different world named the Phantom World.


You can download Subquest directly by clicking here